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We have different packs available, have a look and find what suits you best.

The physicals tests are once or twice a year at the start and/or in the middle of the season.

Minimum period of coaching is 6 months​ and always an intake before start.

Coaching packs


€ 100 / Month

  • Monthly plan in Training Peaks

  • 2 x contact a month


€ 160 / month

  • 2 weekly plan in Training Peaks

  • weekly contact (whatsapp/mail)


​€ 200 / month

  • Weekly plan (adjustable) Training Peaks

  • Weekly contact (mail, phone)

  • Discount on nutritionplan and gym


​€ 450 / month

  • Daily planning and discussing Training Peaks 

  • Full contact (mail, phone, visit home/race) 

  • 2 x Physical tests 

  • Medical advice through Cenit

  • possibility for training in Girona

  • Nutrition plan + gym included

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