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Xenia Van der Meulen

Sportstherapist "Swanny"

Xenia is a sportstherapist

and nutritionist in training

She has been a Swanny in cycling

for 4 years now.

Started at Lotto Soudal Ladies, than went to An Post Sean Kelly Cycling

Last 2 years she was active at

Team Wiggins on the road and Swanny for Tom Pidcock in

Cyclocross, MTB and road

During those 4 years she also worked for the Irish National team with riders like:

Ryan Mullen, Nicolas Roche, Eddy Dunbar, Matthew Teggart,...

Working for the National team is a lovely experience and brings you to new places and great events.

This all has created experience

in a big variation of disciplines.


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Kurt Bogaerts

Managing Director & Coach

Kurt had his own developmentteam for years together with Sean"King" Kelly

"Sean Kelly Cycling team"

He worked with many riders in the past and got some of them to World Tour.

Sam Bennet, Shane Archbold, Ryan Mullen, Owain Doull, Eddie Dunbar, Tom Pidcock,...

Now he coaches riders and still gives advice to his former riders.

He is coach of the Elite at the Irish National team.

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